What is the difference between baseball bat woods
When it comes to selecting a new baseball bat, there are a few things that you have got to take into consideration. Bats can be made out of all kinds of material, such as composite alloys and of course, wood! These kinds of bats can be made out of all sorts of wood. And if you want to pick out the best bat that you can get the most use out of, then you had better be sure to select one that is made out of the right wood. But what exactly is all of the difference between these different kinds of wood? Well, in this article, a lot of those differences and specific details about wooden bats will be explained. So you had better read up if you would like to know what sort of wooden bat would be best for you.


Maple is the strongest wooden material that bats can be made out of. You can tell that a bat is made out of maple wood if it has got a grain that is not very visible. It is a very dense wood, meaning that can be quite hefty, so if you are new to wooden bats, it may feel a bit heavy at first. However, with that heft, you get the most wallop when you hit the ball.


An ash wood baseball bat is the intermediary between maple and birch woods. It has got more flex than a maple wood bat, but it is also stronger than one that is made out of birch. This makes it a great all-around balanced bat for any new beginners to using wooden bats.


Bats that are made out of birch wood have got the clearest or visible grain to them. This means that you can tell it is made out of birch if you see any of the tell-tale wooden grain markings along the shaft of the bat. It is the most flexible kind of wood too, so it the most 'forgiving' wooden bat type. However, you have got to note that it is less strong than other kinds of wooden bats.

Now that you know what the difference between baseball bats are, and what kinds of wood that they are made out of, you should be able to choose which one would suit you best. Remember to also carefully consider other factors such as the cost of the bat before you select one. Bats can be quite big investments as a piece of sports equipment, so you need to be sure that you select the right bat to buy.

Aside from the wooden material of the bat, another thing to remember is the brand of the bat itself. It may be a better idea to pick out a baseball bat that is made by a reputable manufacturer. This is because you know that it is made to be of excellent quality. So it could be a smart idea to look up reviews about baseball bat manufacturers and brands first before you try and select which one to buy for yourself.